Saloni Makhani

Saloni Makhani

Founder and Creative Director
Minal Makhani

Minal Makhani

Managing Director and Quality Expert


To create relevant and lasting companions for the modern & young, the fashion driven mother-daughter duo, Minal and Saloni envisioned TohSé. For them a TohSé bag is not just a bag, but a bearer of stories.

A flair for distinct artistry combined with freshness defines Saloni. As the vision behind the brand, she not only has an eye for style, but also believes in storytelling through functional designs. With a degree in product design and luxury brand management, she immaculately expresses her obsession for art and fashion with the bags designed. Sharing the passion for excellent
neatness, Minal has a rare eye for detail and is the force behind the superior
quality of the bags.

A TohSé bag is inspired from everything that tantalises our senses. As an art driven brand, we draw inspirations from all around us from contemporary art to structural architecture, to the very basics of design.

Blending design with intuition and insight, every piece boasts of its own unique personality, thus turning into a piece of modern wearable . At Tohsé, principles of designing a product amalgamate with aesthetics to maximise comfort and functionality with detailed design. With a vision to craft bags that are timeless collectibles, the brand works on collection basis, making sure to add a new charm and drama to the explored themes. Pushing boundaries of modern accessories, Tohsé is a potpourri of diverse styles in one label.